NEW WEBINAR - High Touch, High Tech: Outsourced Portfolios for Advisors Looking To Prosper in a Robo Age
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Mike Morrison

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Joel T. Bennett

Vice President, Business Strategy, EQIS


Scott Martin

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High Touch, High Tech: Outsourced Portfolios for Advisors Looking to Prosper in a Robo Age

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET

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Automated investing can be a straitjacket or a liberating force depending on how you use it. If you let robotic portfolio management lock you and your clients into inflexible boxes, you’re going to end up fighting the platform more often than it supports your efforts to deliver top-tier service. In that scenario, you become a commodity operator, competing less on the intangibles of quality than on brute price. That’s a race to the bottom no advisor wants to win.

But a new wave of automated platforms are emerging that act as a foundation for advisors who want to broaden their personal reach, streamline the back office and redeploy scarce resources to areas of the business clients and prospects can actually see. Clients get the best you have to provide: world-class portfolio design and all the nuances that make us human. You can adjust allocations to better reflect a client’s situation, goals and risk tolerance . . . or simply match your educated intuitions about where markets will go.

The end result should be a seamless fusion of human grace and machine power, with you free to focus on communications while the calculations handle themselves. The platform doesn’t make mistakes. It’s innately compliant, with an ironclad data trail to show that your clients truly did receive fiduciary-grade service and the best outcomes available. You add the indispensable qualities that transform good commodity solutions into a great personal experience that resonates with your particular clients.

The future doesn’t have to be a dystopian race to the bottom. Your career can be a triumph of the human spirit. We’ll tell you how to reach for success, whatever platform you’re on.

Program approved for 1 CE credit for CFP professionals.

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